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A Little History from the Owner/Director/Choreographer/Instructor, Teresa:

I come from parents that owned/operated their own business and performed & entertained throughout the states! My parents raised 10 children while my Mother was a professional dancer/acrobatic/tumbling/baton as a young teen through early adulthood. She met my father on a bus as he was the driver and she was on tour performing. They started to date not knowing he would later own/operate his own Transportation Company. They married had 10 children and our own little dance and working teams were created. We played many sports and always had someone to practice with whether it was softball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, dance line, football etc... we always had a team or someone to push you to be better. My Mother had us constantly involved in performances, talent shows, variety shows, contests, and special performances doing things that many others didn't do at the time. The special skills of Tumbling advanced us in many ways especially other sports with our body control & balance, strength & flexibility!
Our Mother (Ms Rosann) spent endless ours always trying to make us great as Dad was putting in 15-24 hrs daily literally all of his life to support his family (no wonder why he started with one bus, he needed it to haul is own family). The dancing didn't stop in our home. We were always upside down. Everyone used to say, I know where you live, because there is always kids upside down and feet in the air! We were taught at young ages the meaning of TEAM and Working Together! Being Fair, Courteous, and the meaning of Respect!
I have taken so much of my training skills that was provided to me from my Mother and now have 4 generation of families that have been taking lessons at Lorenz - some being the great great grandparents that took lessons with Ms Rosann. In the 70's Ms Rosann had her own Studio, Rosann's School of Dance, which was one of the only schools in Blaine at that time until we moved away. Ms Rosann still kept teaching and donated many years to Centennial Danceline building the schools teams up and bring them 2nd in State while doing it for free for years before getting paid as a wonderful coach and inspiration to the girls for 16 years. My Father would donate a bus to our teams when we made it to state Dance line and in our sport teams as well. Also Ms Rosann was Voted 1 of 5 Top High School State Dance line coaches of the year! Ms Rosann loves the world of dance and still helps critique. She's a legacy in the business and knows a winner immediately! Ms Rosann performed as a professional entertainer for many years with her brother Jim and then went on to teach others along with raising her own family. She may be older now but don't let her foul you - she can still can do the Splits!
I was an assistant to my Mother as she coached around the state and many schools when I was young and then when I graduated I continued her legacy on my own. I have Directed, Instructed, Choreographed & Performed for over 40 years. Teaching over thousands of students from high schools, private schools, judged many competitions from fitness competitions & other contests as well. I coached my High School Team mates helping them get better and then fighting for my top positions. I was choreographing routines in Junior & Senior High School and spotting all my team mates. Many coaches at the time that were hired didn't have the experience and the position needed to be filled, so teachers took on the job and stayed late to run the programs and make a little extra money after already teaching all day. Not an easy position to take on! I was always asked to help by a coach or would just take on myself if I noticed team mate struggling. I put myself 2nd to help others get better, looking back that was pretty generous after fighting for my 1st or 2nd placements my senior year and no one to help me after I was training through other programs, besides my Mother (she taught me all my skills). I never did learn new tricks outside from my Mother - many couldn't spot or did they know how.
I have two other siblings with Dance Studio's one in Shakopee and the other in North Branch. We are all recreational style studios giving the student time to participate in other sports as well while growing and finding their niche. We were brought up learning a variety of skills, dancing & becoming great athletes due to our background in dance & tumbling!
We have been one of the TOP Tumbling Training in the State long before you would even see any other studio doing the skills/tricks that we've been doing for many many years! This was past on and trained by Ms Rosann Lorenz years prior to starting my own studio. The Tumbling Skills have given us an Edge with a variety of styles of Choreography in our Dance Routines. We have been incorporating the Tumbling/Acrobatic Skills in routines for over 50 yrs plus. Ms Rosann was well past her time when she was a professional doing skills that you see today but when she was a teen in the 50's.
We have many students that have been training at very young ages up through their high school ages and achieving many top awards in dance line, gymnastics, soccer, softball, hockey, diving, basketball, tennis and scholarships in other sports as well. We also have some of the top gym class fitness award recipients and breaking records in gym class with the training we have helped to create among many of our students. We provide and give each and every student the Confidence, Coordination, Strength, Flexibility, Body Control & Balance & Discipline that can carry into every part of their life along with great memories!
My Parents will always be whom I've looked up to. Special Thanks to my Father & Mother (Ms Rosann) for giving me and us the talent and taking the time each and every day to raise 9 other siblings, run a studio, assistant in the evening to her husbands business (my Father). My Fathers work ethic was unbelievable, non-stop, never gave up no matter how hard things were. My parents have been my role models from a young age through my adulthood. The common sense that was taught at a very young age. To respect others and to bring a Smile to someones face daily and try to make a difference in another child. I was once asked, "Who is my Idol or Who Do I Admire?" I replied, My parents! I don't have someone I admire like them for what they've taught us & how they provided for 10 children each and every day while running their own business on top of it all - They put everyone else first! In Loving Memory of my Father, Jim Lorenz.


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